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Albinos are on their way to challenge Wall Street
2021 / earth
Along with the four largest moons of Jupiter (Io, Ganymede and Callisto), Europa was discovered by Galileo Galilei in January 1610 with the help of a refractor telescope with a 20-fold size invented by him.
Landing on: December 8
Ready to shake the traders world! One small launch for a collection, one giant leap for NFT Community!


Albinos are native inhabitants of the distant celestial object that people on Earth call Europa Jupiter's moon.
On Europa, they built a unique decentralized underwater civilization. Albinos are very smart and contentious. They are born engineers, mathematicians, physicists, economists, and they love challenges and competitions.
For centuries, they lived in a closed society. They did not care about any possible forms of life on other planets. But things change, and recently they found out that they are not alone in the universe.
They found out that people on Earth have advanced economics, and their main competition is on getting richer than others. Due to their competitive nature, Albinos are determined to take this challenge.
They realized that there was a very advanced civilization on the blue planet, which natives call Earth.
They come divided into two camps. The Emerald camp will take on Wall Street and trade on stocks, while the Ruby camp will trade on cryptocurrencies.
The ones with the Emerald crystal will play on stocks. The Ruby ones will play on crypto. Since there are 20 000 albinos on their way to Earth, there will be 10 000 spots in each room.
All Albinos are born twins. One of them always has Emerald crystal on their head, and the other has Ruby crystal.
Guess what? You are only paying for Ruby ones because we are giving away all Emerald albinos!
On stage 2, all holders will be able to play a game. However, if you will get Emerald Albino, you will play on stocks only. Whereas if your Albino is Ruby, you are going to have access to cryptocurrency forecasting contest. The players who are lucky enough to get both twins (Emerald and Ruby Albinos with identical traits) will receive special bonuses in the game.
Ethereum Mainnet
0.08 Ether
Whenever you buy one of our Ruby Albinos, you freely get an Emerald one that will allow you to play on stocks as well. So, each Ruby gets you an Emerald Albino
Get 2 NFTs for the price of 1 with Albinos.
As ealry investors will receive both kind of albinos, they will have chance to play in both rooms. People who want to play only in Stocks, will have to purchase it from investors that won it from Give Away.
NFTs are growing in popularity, but with this, they are becoming more and more speculative.
We aim to create a long-term sustainable project that will reshuffle the world of NFT and widen its audience.
We see real value in communities because of their solidity when they unite and in education because it is the force that propels us forward to the stars.
So, our mission is to create a community of investors that will help each other sharpen their skills and teach other people to invest.
Collections like CryptoPunks were the founders in the world of NFT, while we want to bring it to a new level.
We strongly believe in our product. Our NFT collection has a long-term value, so we are in no doubt that the release will be successful. Thus, already at 20%, we are moving on to the next stage.
For your confidence in us, if you invest early and we don't reach the threshold of 20%, we are giving your investments back. Albinos are here for the purpose, not for the shit business.

As ealry investors will receive both kind of albinos, they will have chance to play in both rooms. People who want to play only in Stocks, will have to purchase it from investors that won it from Give Away.
Public Drop
Our community is all that matters. So for our community of investors, we are preparing a game. Every member with our NFT will trade either stocks or crypto. The game will have an educative and competitive character for our community that will grow solid traders and enhance community support for each other.

The game will have two rooms: Ruby and Emerald. You will trade crypto in the former if you have Albino with Ruby crystal. In the Emerald room, you will play on stocks if you have Albino with the corresponding color. The game will be divided into weekly rallies. Each week you will have one (!) opportunity to choose your favorite, no matter if it's crypto or stocks. Then, once a week, you can fix the price at any given time during a rally, so you gain your profit a loss.

The player who gets the highest profit receives the highest rating for that rally. The same rules will apply to the "Shorts" room. Again, both bullish and bearish markets are opportunities.

The owners of TWINS (the same Albinos differing in the color of their crystal) will have special bonuses in the game.

The player who has the highest ranking at the end of the first month goes to space!
We intend to create a platform for interaction between Crypto Investors, Traders, and ordinary Internet users. Each NFT owner will have an open personal rating that allows receiving regular prizes from competitions and airdrops. It will enable a person to vote on the project's development and, most importantly, the opportunity to share experience and knowledge with other community members.

In addition, owning an NFT unlocks:
- access to premium features,
- greater participation in the distribution of community revenues from royalty payments,
- new coins from our cryptocurrency,
- possibly to follow experienced investors/traders for newbies,
- chance to monetize their content for experienced investors/traders,
and a share of community investment income bank.

At this stage, we plan to issue the project's coins based on an open or separate blockchain network with primary distribution between the team, NFT owners, and project investors. The project's tokenomics will be based, on the one hand, on meeting the demand of newbie users and crypto-investors/traders for knowledge, proven analytics, and investment cases in real-time. On the other hand, the supply side is based on increasing the portfolio, additional monetization, and strengthening the personal brand for experienced traders and investors.
We are using the funds from royalties to send people to space. So the best of the best will have an opportunity to go to space with Virgin Galactic. So, our collection is literally skyrocketing!
Apart from that, we will have special rallies from invited sponsors. They will make competitions on our platform, and all funds will be used to establish prize funds. That will go to up to 2 bitcoins for the winner!
open until December 1
Albinos are coming from a distinct moon, so there should be people that can properly greet them. After all, humans are hospitable species.
For that purpose, we opened the Whitelist.

The Whitelist gives you several privileges:
- Lower price
- More time to mint without gas wars
- Community's respect

If you want to join the whitelist, just join our discord and fill in the form.
We are against speculations
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Which blockchain?
Ethereum mainnet
When do you plan to launch stage 2?
According to our estimates, the beta will be available in one month.
Why Europa is inhabited by Albinos?
Europa is very far from the Sun. Moreover, the ocean is surrounded by a significant layer of ice, so our characters do not receive enough sunlight. Want to more? Please visit our discord!
Why Albinos vs. Wall Street?
  • Albinos live in a decentralized society - they symbolize decentralized finance - DeFi.
  • Wall Street symbolizes centralized finance.
  • We believe that DeFi is the future. So, we are creating a battleground where these 2 can clash, and DeFi can win.
Apart from the game and the platform, what is the project's future?
We have far-seeing plans. There are a lot of planets in the MetaVerse. And there are a lot of creatures that want to visit the Earth and establish contact. Since we already have experience in this kind of business, we can help both sides.
When stage 3?
We need some time at stage 2. Then, once the game gets momentum, we can start working on the platform. Estimates are that MVP can be launched in one-two month, depending on the tools.
How are you going to monetize the platform?
For now, there are several hypotheses for a business model. The central one is that the platform will be free to view for a wider audience, but top-ranked players will be available for paid subscriptions. The funds will be shared by the player, platform, and the community via the community wallet.
How will the coins be distributed during the initial release?
The team will offer several options for distributing coins between the project team, NFT owners, community members, and investors.
Questions remain?
For a more detailed FAQ, join our Discord. If you can't see the answer to your question, you are always welcome to ask us there.
Meet our team
Captain S
Our collection is fantastic. It has a clear mission and lots of utilities. So stay with us for a long time, and watch how its value increases 10, 20 times, and even more.
2nd pilot N
The ship is equipped, the crew is assembled, the instruments are set up, a path awaits us among the stars beyond the horizon. The flight promises to be exciting. We are at the start. Who is with us?
Engineer Y
Join our community. An exciting journey awaits you ahead. The creators have prepared a lot of exciting things for you. I predict the growth in value after the second stage 4x, after the third 10x.